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Privacy policy 

We understand that your trust in us is the most important capital of TREELAF MEDIA (hereinafter referred to as “TREELEAF MEDIA”, “We” or “Us”) and your privacy is therefore essential to us. This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”) applies to (i) our platform  (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”), (ii) all relationships between TREELEAF MEDIA and the Users of the Platform, Prospects and Business Partners, as well as (iii) to the sharing of information on or related to the Platform and/or related to TREELEAF MEDIA. We understand that your trust in us is the most important capital of TREELAF MEDIA (hereinafter referred to as “TREELEAF MEDIA”, “We” or “Us”) and your privacy is therefore essential to us. This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”) applies to (i) our platform  (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”), (ii) all relationships between TREELEAF MEDIA and the Users of the Platform, Prospects and Business Partners, as well as (iii) to the sharing of information on or related to the Platform and/or related to TREELEAF MEDIA. 
 TREELEAF MEDIA stresses that, in the context of this service, it endeavours to act at all times in accordance with the Belgian Privacy Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data and/or the EU Regulation of 2016 on the protection of individuals in connection with the processing of personal data relating to the free movement of that data and to repeal Directive 95/46/EC. This Privacy Policy includes information about the personal data of the user as well as about the persons for whom the Platform is set up that TREELEAF MEDIA collects, as well as about how TREELEAF MEDIA uses and processes these personal data. 
 The issuing of a request for authorisation (i.e. the right to access and use of the Platform granted by TREELEAF MEDIA to a user), the use of the Platform and/or the conclusion of an agreement with TREELEAF MEDIA implies your approval (by communication of your personal data or opt-in) of this Privacy Policy and thus of the way in which we collect, use and process your personal data. 
 Please read this Privacy Policy in conjunction with treeleaf media’s cookie policy and terms of use. 
1. Website procedures 
This privacy policy describes the way in which TREELEAF MEDIA BVBA, headquartered at B-3540 Herk-de-Stad, Amandinaweg 143, registered in the legal persons register of Antwerp, Hasselt department under number 0849.081.877, and known by vat administration under number BE 0849.081.877 (hereinaf referred to as “TREELEAF MEDIA”), uses and secures the data that the user of the platform “Talented Start”, with the link  (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”) to TREELEAF MEDIA when he visits and uses this Platform. The user must sign in via his account in order to use the Platform and will also exchange personal information when using the Platform (both about himself and about the other users with whom he is linked on the Platform). The Platform only collects personal data that is explicitly and voluntarily transmitted by users. That information may consist of, but is not limited to, the name and first name, the email address, the phone number, the country and the profile of users. The Platform supports people who want to be supported with regard to personal or business coaching. In order to achieve this, users will also share sensitive information through the Platform (in this case this mainly concerns data on physical or mental health and/or business data, without being limited to this). TREELEAF MEDIA acts as a processor of the personal data that users share with each other via the Platform. Given the nature of the information, users should expressly agree to the processing by TREELEAF MEDIA. If the child is under the age of 16, this consent will be obtained from the person who bears parental responsibility for the child. 
2. Information automatically collected 
2.1. Technical information 
Like many other platforms, the Platform automatically collects certain unidentifiable information about the users of the Platform, such as the Internet Protocol ( (IP) address and the browser of your computer, the IP address of your Internet service provider, the date and hour of your access to the Platform, the operating system you use, the parts of the Platform you are visiting, the duration of using a page of the Platform , the Platform pages and the information you’ve accessed and the materials you’ve sent to or downloaded from the Platform. This technical information is used for platform and system management purposes as well as to improve the Platform. This technical data may be passed on to third parties and retained permanently for future use. 
2.2 Cookies en web beacons 
To ensure that our Platform is well managed and to facilitate navigation within the Platform, TREELEAF MEDIA – or treeleaf MEDIA service providers – may use cookies (small text files stored in the user’s browser) or web beacons (electronic images that allow one to count the number of users who visited a particular page and access certain cookies) to collect global data. Neither the cookies nor the web beacons of TREELEAF MEDIA collect personal information, such as the name or email address of users. 
3. Information provided by users 
Types of personal data 
TREELEAF MEDIA may collect and/or process the following personal data: 
Date of birth 
Residential address 
Email address 
Mobile phone number 
The unique login code that TREELEAF MEDIA can provide to the User 
Data m.b.t. the activities and/or progress of the business idea or concept of the user of the platform 
Data m.b.t. the mood of the user of the platform 
Method of collection of personal data 
These personal data shall be collected from, or in the context of: 
Creating/assigning an account to access the Platform; 
The creation/use and support for the person within the Platform; 
The cooperation with the different users. 
The personal data collected by TREELEAF MEDIA are at all times expressly and voluntarily provided by the users of the Platform. 
Use of personal data 
TREELEAF MEDIA can use your personal data: 
For the performance of the agreement / contract; 
With a view to the exchange of information on the person who wishes to support it through the support project created in the Platform; 
For the creation of an account; For confirmation of registration to the effective user; 
For the formatting of user lists; 
In the context of the optimisation of the Platform, with a view to improving the Platform, 
TREELEAF MEDIA may use non-personal information to generate global tracking information reports on the Platform users’ demographics and the use of the Platform and may provide these reports to third parties. The tracking information in these reports is not linked to the identity data of or other personal data about the individual users. 
4. Other matters 
4.1 Safety 
The Platform developed by TREELEAF MEDIA is currently in a testing phase. TreeLEAF MEDIA therefore takes all reasonable measures to secure its servers, applications and databases in function of this test phase and to prevent unauthorized access or unauthorized use. TREELEAF MEDIA relies on physical, administrative and technological means to secure the information that TREELEAF MEDIA has under its holds. However, TREELEAF MEDIA cannot guarantee 100% safety. If you have specific security concerns about the processing of certain personal data, it is best not to forward this information via the Internet. 
4.2 Other Platforms 
The Platform may contain links to other platforms, websites, or Internet resources. When you click on one of these links, you go to another platform or internet source that could knowingly or through cookies or other technologies collect information about you. TREELEAF MEDIA is neither responsible nor liable for, and has no authority to control these other platforms, websites or internet sources, nor their collection, use and dissemination of your personal data. You should check the privacy policies of these other platforms, websites and internet resources yourself and estimate how they collect and use information. 
4.3 Changes to privacy policy 
TREELEAF MEDIA may at any time modify, supplement or amend its privacy policy, for any reason, by placing the revised privacy policy on the Platform in a highly visible manner. 
4.4 Disclosure of personal data to third parties 
TREELEAF MEDIA will not disclose your personal data to third parties unless it is necessary to provide a service to you (such as but not limited to creating/assigning an account to access the Platform, making the support project m.b.t. the person who wants support on the Platform). If it is necessary for TREELEAF MEDIA to disclose your personal data to third parties in this context, the third party concerned is obliged to use your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.Without prejudice to the foregoing, however, it is possible that TREELEAF MEDIA will disclose your personal data to the competent authorities (i) when TREELEAF MEDIA is required to do so under the law or in the context of a judicial or future judicial proceeding and (ii) to safeguard and defend our rights. TREELEAF MEDIA will not sell, rent or transfer your personal data to third parties unless it has entered into a data processing agreement with the relevant third party, which contains the necessary guarantees regarding confidentiality and privacy conformity of your personal data. 
4.5 Storage of personal data 
Unless a longer retention period is required or justified (i) by law or (ii) by compliance with any other legal obligation, TREELEAF MEDIA retains your personal data: for the entire duration of the agreement and as long as one or more Users use the relevant created and shared support project, and for a period of six months from the date of termination of the agreement , if the agreement is terminated, except if the created and shared support project is retained by the other relevant Users, in which case the six-month period will begin as soon as the agreement with the last user in question is terminated. This period is necessary for achieving and fulfilling the goals, as described in the Privacy Policy. 
4.6 Cross-border processing of personal data 
All personal data collected by TREELEAF MEDIA are in principle only stored and processed in the European Union, except as regards specific data (such as the email address and name) of persons who subscribe to the newsletter. TREELEAF MEDIA shares this data with its partners in the United States in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
5. Notification 
TREELEAF MEDIA is concerned about your privacy and makes every effort to process your personal data in accordance with applicable Belgian law, its ‘general data protection policy’ and in accordance with the strictest standards in the field of honest information. 
6. Your privacy rights 
If you wish to invoke your privacy rights, as stipulated below, please contact by sending a letter or email to TREELEAF MEDIA BVBA, Amandinaweg 143, B-3540 Herk-de-Stad, or Right to access the personal data that TREELEAF MEDIA may possess about you; Right to rectify, complete or update your personal data; Right to be forgotten(‘right to be forgotten’); Right to restrict the processing of your personal data; Right to transferability of your personal data; Right of objection/opposition to the processing of your personal data. 
If you no longer want to receive newsletters or information about our services, promotions and/or events, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button, as provided at the bottom in every email from TREELEAF MEDIA. You can in principle exercise these rights free of charge. TREELEAF MEDIA will then make every effort as soon as possible to comply with your request. 
7. General information 
The policy for the protection of your personal data is fully compliant with all applicable laws in Belgium.We are not responsible for the privacy policy of the platforms and websites referred to via a hyperlink from the Platform.This privacy policy is governed exclusively by and must be interpreted in accordance with Belgian law. All disputes that may arise from or in relation to this privacy policy will be affected by CEPANI’s media tier regulations. The seat of the media is Hasselt. The language of mediation is Dutch. If the mediation fails within forty-five (45) days of the appointment of the mediator, the dispute will be definitively settled before the competent courts of the seat of TREELEAF MEDIA. 
8. Complaints 
If you have complaints about the way treeleaf media collects, uses and/or processes your personal data, you can file a complaint with the Privacy Commission.