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Discover how to create an online program that aligns with YOU

For soulful coaches and freedompreneurs that want a solution to have more Profit, Flow and Time in their personal life and business

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Human-centered Online Program is a holistic program
for impact-making freedompreneurs that want to scale profit
with an authentic online business

 Grow your impact and profit with a scalable online business, while keeping your values and human personality. 
Stop working as a freelancer and trading in all your time for money!

To have a human-centered and profitable
online freedom business, 
there are some specific things that needs to be in place:

  • Clarity about your customer wants, needs and expectations
  • Clarity about your values and what freedom means in your personal life and business
  • An irresistible offer that solves a real challenge of your customer
  • Time to deliver your services in a way that it aligns
  • Having  free time available for your personal life so that you can enjoy your freedom


  • Most entrepreneurs want to do things they are passionate about.
    However they spent most of their time on things they don’t care for.
    If you want to experience more Flow and Freedom in your work, then it’s important to focus on activities that gives you energy and outsource or automate the other things.
  • Most entrepreneurs don’t have freedom at all.
    Either they work really hard and earn money in a way that it burns them out or they struggle to get a consistent income. There is a way to earn money in a scalable way, while still having time for your personal life.
  • Many online programs are a nice-to-have instead of a must-have.
    A lot of online programs promise what they can’t deliver and use sleazy methods to sell it.
    If you want to create real impact and generate profit, then you need to focus on real challenges.
  • To make impact with your online program, you need to have inner clarity and clarity about your customer,
    so that you deliver your promise in a way that it aligns.
  • I see a lot of heart-centered entrepreneurs struggling with the technical aspect of an online program. They feel resistant to start or struggle to find the right technical partner that understands their business and how their personality makes them unique. Having someone that knows about the technical stuff, the entrepreneurial mindset and human-behaviour is key to work as a team


I have developed a signature method that allows you to:

  • Create a predictable income that can be added to other ways of generating profit 
  • Use tech without difficulty to save a lot of time by automating your business, so that you can focus on the activities you are passionate about
  • Get clarity on what kind of activities you excel in and what gives you energy
  • Deliver what customers really need, while having the benefits of working online
  • Have an actionable plan for living the lifestyle you desire (your freedom story)

I help you with writing your own Freedom Story!

I have more than 16 years of experience in helping companies and entrepreneurs to create online services and online programs. 

I have developed a signature system where I help my clients to build a future proof online business that solves real challenges of their customers.

What makes my program different is that I combine personal development, business strategy and technical support into a holistic program to build your own scalable soul-signature program. So that you can generate profit in a way that it aligns with your lifestyle and what gives you passion.

I use technology by means of serving human needs and desires. 
Even though the online world is less personal,  it is possible to give your online program that human touch that is unique for YOU.

Of course it takes time to build such a FREEDOM business.
That is why I have designed this program to systematically guide you to your next level.

Let me guess, either…

You have started with an online business,
but the customers are not buying what you are selling…

  • You are blogging, posting on all the social media platforms, and yet no one seems to care
  • The hours you spent on your work do not reflect the income you get
  • You don’t have many sales calls or when you have one, they don’t buy what you offer
  • You have tried out so many things, but no one seems to be interested (except for your parents and your cat)
  • You have lost your confidence and faith that you will ever have a profitable online business

You have (many) customers and you want to grow your profit AND have time for your personal life…

  • You have no more space in your agenda and you are working more hours than ever
  • You used to be passionate about your work, but now that feeling is gone because you have to do all this work that does not align anymore
  • You feel guilty not to work on your business, when you spent personal time with your family
  • You do many activities and tasks that you don’t like to do, but they are needed to run your business
  • You want to scale and automate your business, but you fear the technical stuff

You want an online business that generates the profit you need, 
in a way that you still keep your own human personality and values AND having freedom to have a personal life.

You want to earn money, without trading in all of your time.
You want to add passive income, so that you can generate income and spent time with your family or friends.

Why is this so hard to do?

Because you are not alone! There are a lots of people out there that seek a good balance between making money and having time to spent with the ones they love. 

Yet, some of the programs in the online space that promise you to earn money without doing the work that is needed.
Even for ‘passive income’ there are some things that needs to be done. And you need to know HOW to create passive income.

There is no quick-win formula for generating a fortune with an online business. 
It takes time to grow and scale a business that gives you freedom.

You can do it too with your online soul-signature program,
where you connect to your heart, learn what strategy works and how you can automate your business in a way that you still keep that human connection. 

It’s time to stand out and create a valuable online program that is aligned with YOU and known for having YOUR unique personality and values. Without the technical hassle.

It’s is time to create your Human-centered Online Program!

Human-centered Online Program is a holistic 4-month program,
with a mix of private coaching and technical support:

Because this program is a private coaching program, it is adapted to your needs. Below chapters will give you a better understanding about the offer. 

The program is structured in a way that we have results within the first month. And then scale it up in the next months.

In this program I help you with getting clarity on what aligns with your values and passion. 
You get access to technical support and tools to run your online business, made easy to implement.
I will help you with your authentic marketing strategy, so that you can launch your program in a way that it aligns.

Chapter 1: Clarity (your Freedom Story)

Having Inner clarity about what gives you Freedom, is your one-way ticket for success in your business and personal life. Words like ‘Freedom’ and ‘Success’ are different for everybody. I can help you discover what it means for you.

  • Discover your Zone of Genius: what skills & activites will give you a lot of energy and flow
  • How can you do business-with-ease, so that you don’t burn-out in the process
  • What does ‘Freedom’ and ‘success’ mean for you
  • Focus on what is working for you, so that you can scale or automate it

Chapter 2: Online business foundation and brand strategy

Your business foundation, is what makes your business unique and special. It is at the essence of how you structure your marketing (website, social media, …) and you offerings. Without this foundation, you don’t know what to put on your website or what makes you standout from the crowded online space. 

  • Uncover your ideal customers and discover their worldview
  • Create or adapt your offer so that it can be scaled in a way that you get more freedom, instead of loosing it
  • Co-create with your ideal customers, to create an online program that actually solves a real challenge (and creates real impact)
  • What makes you unique and how can you use this as an unfair advantage in your market
  • Discover the marketing strategy that aligns with YOU

Chapter 3: Online Business Creation

Using your Online Business Foundation, I help you with structuring and designing an online program that will generate profit in a scalable way. An online program that has your special sauce and that creates the impact you desire for you ideal customer.

  • Understanding the business model(s) that work for you and that are aligned with your personal life
  • Design a scalable and future-proof offer that your ideal customer can not refuse
  • Discover a system that will get you clients in a predicable way
  • Design a brand strategy that will attract your ideal customers

Chapter 4: Online Business Launch

I help you with setting up your website, your sales funnel and technical tools that will make your business easier to run without burning out. You will save a lot of time and money, because I already understand your business and what makes you unique. 

  • Systematically create your website and the marketing funnels for getting clients
  • I help you with the technical tools and platforms to automate your business 
  • Get technical support when you need it
  • Understanding technology, in the language that you speak

What is included in the program?

 Create a solid business and marketing foundation

I support you with creating your essential business foundation (offering, marketing, business model), so that you can create a future-proof business in Flow and Passion. I don’t give you a standard template, but instead give you the tools to discover your own personal business & flow foundation.

 I help you to focus and take the right action at the right time

Without focus and clear goals, you will end up with being busy and no results. I help you to focus on the right action at the right time, so that you will not loose a lot of time and money on things that are not important.

Personal advice and help

Every step that we take is with support from me. It is not an online program where you need to learn everything from videos. 

I help you with taking action and going further towards your goals.


Technical support

Setting up an online business is done in steps of successes and learnings. That’s why I help you with building and adapting your website and the technical tools that you need. I have a list of curated tools.

I am co-creating on a software platform for coaches and experts to run their online business. We have customer support and a community of coaches that are using the software.

Online trainings

While I am still building a community, you can have contact with likeminded entrepreneurs that are also participating. On a regular basis I offer online trainings on different topics that are related with the program.

Clarity about your zone of genius

I help you to discover your ‘zone of genius’. In this zone, you will experience a Fow and a positive energy. You will find that the things you do, will go with great results and small efforts.

With focus on your natural born talents and what you are passionate about, you will enjoy working with your clients. Also your personal life will benefit from it, because you will feel a better person.

“I want to create more freedom in my business,
but how?”

“I want to have an online business. I don’t know where to start?”

“I don’t want to have stress about my website and other technical stuff.”

Hello, freedompreneur!

You have the desire to create impact in this world, in a way that it feels aligned with your personality and your mission.

You have passion, skills and motivation to help more clients and also want more free personal time.

If you have the right motivation and ambition to take  action, then you are in the right place.

  • If you want to create a new online program
  • If you want to have more clients, in an authentic way
  • If you want to grow your impact, but don’t have enough clarity, are stuck, …
  • If you want to have support for also the technical tools, like your website, mailing list funnels etc.

You have a desire to grow your online business and to have more financial freedom.
In a scalable way, so that you still have time for your personal life.

  • You want to grow your business, but don’t know how
  • You have the feeling that other people are deciding about your agenda
  • You want to have more profit
  • You fear having to deal with technical stuff, like your website etc.
  • You work on an hourly base
  • You have believe that it’s not possible to get a lot of clients online
  • You are a creative entrepreneur who values her customers
  • The people near you, don’t really understand what you are doing

In this program,

I help you personally with structuring your online program, your marketing strategy

and setting up the technical tools, like your website, mailing list, sales funnel etc.

Hello impact-maker!

I am Steven, founder of the Freedom Story Academy. Nothing is stronger than following your heart and living by your own rules, while having enough money to live.

When we start as entrepreneur, we have a dream of having more freedom. We want to do things we are passionate about. And have quality time with the ones we love. Then, reality kicks in. It can be overwhelming to grow a business. 

I was once in a space where I was making good money with helping businesses and entrepreneurs to create and build profitable online services. 

Yet, it felt empty and did not align with what I really wanted. I worked for many hours, while I wanted to be more with my family. And I wanted to create more impact by doing things within my zone of genius.

I did not have freedom at all, nor clarity on how to get it. After some life-changing events, I decided to take a different path in life and start living by my own talents, values and mission. 

founded The Freedom Story Academy to support impact-making coaches and entrepreneurs worldwide to rewrite the way they work, live, and breathe and help them to structure offerings and scale their profit with an online business.


I have developed a signature method for helping entrepreneurs

with getting results within 30 days or less. 

Yes, I want this

How will an online program help you?

  • The Internet has so many opportunities. The online market increases every year; there is still room for your offerings
  • With online programs, you have a HUGE possiblity to make your business grow and scale in a way that you don’t have to work harder. I am convinced that for every business, there is a way to create an online program to let your business grow.
  • Online programs create a scalable way to get profits. It will increase your freedom and the time you can spent with the ones you love.
  • It is possible to have different business models next to each other. Like working one-on-one and having an online program.
  • By working online, you can have more FLOW because you can work where and when you want. So that you can combine it with your ideal lifestyle.
  • You have a way to have more energy, because you can work on something you are passionate about, using your natural born talents
  • Because the world changes quickly, with an online program, you can adapt your business easily and without having to spent a big amount of money.

I am ready to take my freedom back and create a greater impact on the world, while keeping my integrity, values and personality.

Yes, I choose for Freedom!

What some of my clients are saying

“Steven thinks along with you. He is very involved and genuinely interested in where you want to go as an entrepreneur.

He is just someone you can rely on and who brings in more than just “technical” support. Steven also thinks about what suitable business models can be for you and how you can go beyond the ‘hourly invoice’ model.

When I launched my very first online program, my biggest stumbling block was: how do I technically arrange this? I love efficiency and automation, but I already get the jitters just thinking that I have to figure it all out and set it up myself.

Steven took that worry away from me. I just had to say what I had in mind and he made it possible.”

— Silvia Derom,
coach and founder of Creatieve Generalist

“Steven helped me to find my strengths and how I could use them in my business. He gave me a clear focus. I now have plenty of ideal clients every week. Steven is creative and has a strong insights. His strength lies in the combination of empathy and out-of-the box thinking. He is good at seeing solutions and feeling people.” ― Sandy Van De Sande, Psychologist
“Steven has a lot of knowledge of online marketing and strategies. Through his in-depth questioning and analysis, he quickly gets to the core of the matter. If it is not completely clear, he likes to think along actively and provides practical tools to achieve concrete results. Even after the strategy day we did with him, you can count on him for follow-up and feedback.” ― Peter & Veerle, Family Dynamics
“Steven can give empathic and well thought-out advice on a personal level. He knows very intuitively how to sense where the needs and strengths lie, which I myself did not always notice. In this he makes a big distinction for me from other coaches. He doesn’t just deliver a standard product. Steven is someone who thinks and takes action at the same time.” ― Katrien Peters, Child and Carreer Coach

I help you to get results with a proven system and signature method. 

“Your characteristics and who you are:
Search for customised solutions and make knowledge available.
You want to connect and collaborate.
You can feel people well and have a strong intuition.
You are creative with insight and very empathetic„

Joeri Stoop

Bryo Coordinator (2018), Voka

After this program:

  • You have an offer that has been tested out with real customers, solving real challenges. So you know that it will create the impact that you desire.
  • You will have an online program that can be scaled up to generate profit in a way that it gives you freedom and time to spent with the ones you love. 
  • Have a website and technical tools ready to use and support to adapt it while your business evolves. 
  • Have your sales funnel ready to attract customers in a way that it aligns with your values.
  • You have clarity about your talents and super powers that will make you stand out in the crowd. Nothing will get you more visible then by being yourself and be confident that you have something to offer in the world.
  • You know what activities gives you energy and passion, so that you have a business that is future-proof.

Pratical Information

I will support you personally with advice and providing technical tools to help you on your mission! 

Before we can work together, I like to connect in a free Insight Discovery call, so that we can get to know each other and see how I can help you.

Please, fill in the contact form and I will get back to you quickly.