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Do you want to get clients with a marketing strategy that feels aligned?

Freedom is about being yourself, in every aspect of your life and business. I help entrepreneurs to create a Freedompreneur business that aligns with their talents and personality. 
Yes, I want the assessment

For soulful coaches, trainers and experts that want to do business their own way,
while keeping their human values

With your Freedom Marketing Assessment you are prepared for doing marketing in a way that it makes sense for you. You will discover how marketing can be fun again and how a predictable plan will give you freedom instead of costing it. 

I know, attracting clients with online marketing can be damn hard. There is no magic formula that works for everyone without adapting it. Having a website and a sales funnel will not make it easier when it is not structured in a way that it makes sense.

There are so many ways to do marketing. What gives freedom is doing marketing YOUR way .You don’t have to do the same thing that everyone else does. Freedompreneurs do things their own way 😉
In fact, when you do it in an aligned way, then it does not feel like doing marketing.
Let’s have some more fun with marketing your business!

Freedom is not only about getting profit, it’s also about having a predictable (automated) system in place that helps you save time. So that you when your business grows, you still have time to be with the people you love and spent *fun* times.


Some reality checks:

  • Gaining insights in your audience and translating that into offerings and a marketing strategy can be complex
  • Without speaking the language of your audience and reflecting your personality in your marketing, you will not attract ideal customers that are easy to work with
  • It is difficult to structure your website or sales page in a way that people understand what you are offering and experience how you can be the right choice for them
  • I see many entrepreneurs struggling with how to create a marketing or sales system where they can connect with people, invite them to talk with them and close a sale, in a way that they are happy about it
  • I see a lot of entrepreneurs that copy the strategies of their competitors, hoping that it will work for them too; not because it aligns with their own strategy
  • Having a system in place, will give you more freedom and time to do things you are passionate about

To have an online business
and living the freedompreneur way-of-life,
there are some specific things that needs to be in place:

  • Clarity about your customer wants, needs and expectations, so that you can create an irresistible offer that solves a real challenge of your customer
  • Clarity on your talents and what sets your heart on fire, while working joyfully with customers
  • A good marketing strategy to connect with people and help them to solve their challenges, using your own way of doing marketing and sales
  • A structured website or sales page with a call-to-action where they can buy your offer or get in touch with you for a sales conversation, without the need to be available the whole time
  • A predictable system where people get to know / trust you, connect with you and enrol in your offers, while still keeping your human personality and values

A Freedom Marketing Assessment can help you with:

  • Getting key insights in how to use your talents and personality as a business foundation that will give you energy and flow!
  • Giving you actionable insights in how to structure your website and sales funnel, in a way that it aligns with your human values and personal style of selling
  • Getting feedback about your website, your offerings and how it all fits into your marketing strategy
  • Get clarity on how to position your offerings in a way that it fits with your personality and talents, so that you will standout for your ideal customers
  • Show you how tech can help you to save a lot of time by automating your business, without giving you headaches
  • Get results faster by giving clarity about what you can improve in your business, so that you have more freedom and fun

I help you with writing your own Freedom Story!

With your Freedom Marketing Assessment you are prepared for creating a good structure and plan for your online marketing and website. There is no quick-step manual for building and growing an online business, that is scalable and profitable. I can help you with personalised feedback and key insights so that you can get results faster. And do it the Freedompreneur way.

A website is one of the pieces in your marketing plan that can help you in scaling your business.
With the ‘Freedom Marketing Scan’, I will help you to make from your website an online selling system that fits in your authentic  marketing strategy. 

What is a Freedom Marketing Assessment?

A Freedom Marketing Assessment is your reality check to see if your business gives or takes away freedom! 

You will discover key insights in how you can align your business with your personality, values and purpose. You will discover how to have more fun in doing marketing when you do it YOUR way.

By doing a Freedom Marketing Assessment you will get key insights in how to make profit in a way that it makes sense for you and your ideal lifestyle. So that you have time to be with the ones you love and have more “fun time”.

I have created a signature method based on talent discovery and human-centered design to help you to make marketing fun and aligned with your personality and values.

So do you want to have personal feedback on how to do marketing and sales in a way that it makes sense for you and your online business?

With a Freedom Marketing Assessment you will discover key insights for your ideal online marketing strategy and how to structure your website

This is what you can expect (adapted to your personal needs):

How to do marketing YOUR way, so that you can attract and convert customers while keeping your values and personality

You became entrepreneur because you wanted freedom to do things you are passionate about. To do things YOUR way.

However it’s a crowded online space. How will people notice you? You want to be your self, also in marketing.

I help you to get clarity about your aligned and soulful marketing plan so that you can do joyful marketing and attract customers you love working with.


How to structure your website and customer journey (a.k.a. sales funnel)

How do you create offerings and a marketing strategy that turns visitors in customers, in a way that makes sense? 

A customer journey map, describes the different steps that a (possible) customer takes before, during and after working with you.

I help you to structure your website and other marketing tools, so that it makes sense for your complete marketing plan.


Hello, freedompreneur!

Follow your heart

My name is Steven. I have been supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies to build scalable online products and grow meaningful businesses.

Let’s make impact together!

Nothing is stronger than following your heart and living by your own rules, while having enough money to live.

When we start as entrepreneur, we have a dream of having more freedom. We want to do things we are passionate about. And have quality time with the ones we love. Then, reality kicks in. It can be overwhelming to grow a business.

I was helping corporates and and companies in creating online services that gave them a scalable way to get more profit. Somehow it did not feel aligned with what I really wanted.

After some life-changing events, I decided to take a different path in life and start living by my own talents, values and mission. I was ready to create a new chapter in what I call my ‘Freedom Story’.

I stopped working for corporates and decided to start helping entrepreneurs like coaches and experts that value humans instead of only profit.

founded The Freedom Story Academy to support impact-making coaches and entrepreneurs worldwide to rewrite the way they work, live, and breathe and help them to structure offerings and scale their profit with an online business.

    Freedom is about being yourself, in every aspect of your life and business. I help entrepreneurs to create a business that aligns with their talents and personality.

    “Steven thinks along with you. He is very involved and genuinely interested in where you want to go as an entrepreneur.

    He is just someone you can rely on and who brings in more than just “technical” support. Steven also thinks about what suitable business models can be for you and how you can go beyond the ‘hourly invoice’ model.

    When I launched my very first online program, my biggest stumbling block was: how do I technically arrange this? I love efficiency and automation, but I already get the jitters just thinking that I have to figure it all out and set it up myself.

    Steven took that worry away from me. I just had to say what I had in mind and he made it possible.”

    — Silvia Derom,
    coach and founder of Creatieve Generalist

    “Steven helped me to find my strengths and how I could use them in my business.
    He gave me a clear focus.
    I now have plenty of ideal clients every week. Steven is creative and has a strong insights. His strength lies in the combination
    of empathy and out-of-the box thinking. He is good at seeing solutions and feeling people.”

    ― Sandy Van De Sande,

    “Steven has a lot of knowledge of online marketing and strategies. Through his in-depth questioning and analysis, he quickly gets to the core of the matter.

    If it is not completely clear, he likes to think along actively and provides practical tools to achieve concrete results. Even after the strategy day we did with him, you can count on him for follow-up and feedback.”

    ― Peter & Veerle,
    Family Dynamics

    “Steven can give empathic and well thought-out advice on a personal level. He knows very intuitively how to sense where the needs and strengths lie, which I myself did not always notice.

    In this he makes a big distinction for me from other coaches. He doesn’t just deliver a standard product. Steven is someone who thinks and takes action at the same time.”

    ― Katrien Peters,
    Child and Carreer Coach

    I am ready to take my freedom back and create a greater impact on the world,
    while living by my purpose, values and personality.

    How will a Freedom Marketing Assessment help you?

    • The Internet has so many opportunities. The online market increases every year; there is still room for your offerings. Knowing how you can position your offerings and marketing is key to get more visible and to get better results
    • With online marketing, you have a HUGE possiblity to make your business grow and scale in a way that you don’t have to work harder.
    • A website is an investment that can make a big difference in your business; a website that is not well structured is a waste of time and money.
    • There are so many ways to do online marketing and to use social media. You don’t need to copy what your competitor does to get clients. In fact you don’t have to do anything that does not feel right.

      Having a predictable system and plan for getting clients will give you more freedom and results.

    • Knowing what to focus on will give you more energy, because you can work on something you are passionate about, using your natural born talents

    What is the deal?

    • You get key insights in how to use your talents and personality as a business foundation that will give you energy and flow!
    • Online sessions where we go into your marketing foundation, website and customer journey (“sales funnel”)
    • A short followup call 30 days after finishing
    • Recordings of the sessions
    • An actionable plan to structure your website and sales funnels that aligns with your personality, mission, vision and purpose
    • After the assessment you will be able to get better results faster, to get more profit and flow in your business

    Because I want to give full attention to my customers, I only have limited spots each month

    Practical information:

    I can not work with everyone and I only have limited spots. That’s why I want to have a (free) discovery call first to see if I can help you and to connect with you. With below link, you can schedule a call in my agenda.